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About Us

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As a democratically-elected team, the Morningside College Student Senate establishes a platform for students and groups to voice their concerns while also providing various student services, including general interest committees, and student-life events.  Additionally, Student Government serves as the governing body of all student organizations on campus, organizing the registration of said groups and ruling on allocation requests. Our senators are committed to abiding by the By-laws and amendments set forth in our constitution and agree to respectfully represent the views and opinions of their constituents.  


While the purpose of Student Government is to provide student services, the organization additionally puts on a number of student-life events on campus.  In recent years, monthly trivia, Earth Day painting, and Professor’s Night Out have been our most popular activities. Additionally, MAC, Student Government’s sister organization, provides students with various educational and entertaining programs at no charge.  


Student Senate

Meet your 2019-2020 Student Senate team!


Freshman Representatives


Freshman Representative

Collin Adank

Collin, is  a first-year nursing major from Waterville, Minnesota.  He looks forward to getting to know his class and encourages his classmates to start a conversation when they see him on campus!

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Freshman Representative

Garrett Anderson

Garrett is a Pre-Law student majoring in Political Science and History from Dunlap, IA. He became a senator to represent the people who come to him with ideas every day.

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Jay'von McKinney

Freshman Representative

Diversity Committee Chair

Jay'von is a Biology major from Kansas City, Missouri. He became a senator to take on a leadership role and be able to have a voice for the student body and ensure everyone feels comfortable and able to express themselves freely without being judged.

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Garrett Arbuckle

Freshman Representative

Safety & Accessibility Committee Chair

Garrett is a Political Science major from Littleton Colorado. He became a senator because he wanted to be the voice for those that don't want to speak up or don't know how to speak up. He aims to make the Morningside Community feel like it is for everyone.

Sophomore Representatives

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Sophomore Representative

Food Committee Chair

Anna Van Dusen

Anna is from Ida Grove, IA and is a double major in Elementary and Special Education. She became a senator to help make Morningside the best it can be and ensure that everyone can experience how amazing Morningside is. 


Sophomore Representative

Jolene Horn

Jolene Horn is from Des Moines Iowa and is a Biopsychology major with a minor in Military Science. She joined Student Government to help make our campus a better place.

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Marissa Hernandez

Marissa is a Biology and Chemistry major with a Sociology minor.  She is from Clarinda, IA and is apart of Student Government because it gives her an opportunity to represent her fellow students and be apart of improving Morningside. 

Sophomore Representative


Anthony Franck

Sophomore Representative

Anthony is a Math Education major from Hamburg, MN.  

Junior Representatives


Junior Representative

Megan Drey

Megan is a triple major in Applied Agriculture, Food Studies, and Accounting from Early, IA.  She wanted to to become active in student government to be able to represent the student body and get involved on campus


Junior Representative

Marissa Herll

Marissa is a nursing student from Brandon, SD.  She became a senator to help others voice their opinions on campus.  Her goal for Student Government is to make life amazing on campus for everyone.

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Kenny Osten

Junior Representative

Sustainability Committee Chair

Kenny is a Biology and Chemistry double major from Humphrey, Nebraska. His goal while as a senator is to be a friendly face for students to voice their concerns and joys with regarding Morningside.  He truly loves this college and wants to cultivate an atmosphere that is open for enjoyable for everyone!


Hailey Barrus

Junior Representative

Hailey is a Mass Communications major from Belmond, IA! She became a senator because she has seen first hand how it can influence and help students, and she wanted to be able to make an impact on students too.

Senior Representatives

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Senior Representative

Tyler Haberman

Tyler is a General Psychology major from Fairbank, Iowa.  Tyler's goal as a second-year senator is to continue to further strengthen the relationship between those who work in the office and the common student - the ones senators are elected to represent!

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Senior Representative

Ally Hecht

Ally Hecht is a senior from Lansing, Kansas. She is majoring in Legal and Gender studies with minors in Political Science & Philosophy. Ally hopes to spend her time in Student Government helping make Morningside College better for the next generation of Mustangs.

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Kailyn Robert

Senior Representative

Kailyn is a senior from Osage City, Kansas triple majoring in Political Science, International Affairs, and Philosophy. She feels as though being a senator is an important way to share what she's learned and promote the values that have made her time at Morningside so great. She would like to leave Morningside a little better than she found it.

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Executive Team





Victor Diaz  

I am Victor Diaz the Area Coordinator | Student Development Coordinator for Residence Life. My roles on campus are to advise the Student Government, Coordinate the Plex, Apartments, and Garretson houses, and Wellness Programming. Originally, I am from Sioux City Iowa and in 2017 I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Linguistics and Spanish. I enjoy student government because I love working with great student leaders that advocate for their campus community. My goal for this year is to make the work that the student government does more visible on campus. 

Morningside Student Government  |  2019  

Morningside College Student Government

Morningside College Student Government seeks to promote ethical leadership and civic responsibility by providing opportunities for self-governance in all matter pertaining to the well being of students within the college community.

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