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Our Mission

As a democratically-elected team, the Morningside University Student Senate establishes a platform for students and groups to voice their concerns while also providing various student services, including general interest committees, and student-life events.  Additionally, Student Government serves as the governing body of all student organizations on campus, organizing the registration of said groups and ruling on allocation requests. Our senators are committed to abiding by the By-laws and amendments set forth in our constitution and agree to respectfully represent the views and opinions of their constituents.  


While the purpose of Student Government is to provide student services, the organization additionally puts on a number of student-life events on campus.  In recent years, monthly trivia, Earth Day painting, and Professor’s Night Out have been our most popular activities. Additionally, MAC, Student Government’s sister organization, provides students with various educational and entertaining programs at no charge.  


Student Senate

Meet your 2021-2022 Student Senate team!


Freshman Representatives

Mara Brown.jpg

Mara Brown

Freshman Representative

 Mara Brown, is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Mara is a Freshman majoring in Biology with a Psychology minor and a Pre-Med emphasis. Mara is on the Morningside cheer team and involved in many activities such as MCU, Pre Professional Health club, Telethon, as well as Student Government. Mara is excited to get this year started and serve the Mside family. If you need to get ahold of Senator Brown, please email her at mjb024@morningside.edu

Grace Lange.JPG

Grace Lange

Freshman Representative


Augusta-Lynn Newman

Freshman Representative

If you need to get ahold of Senator Lynn Newman, please email her at ajn009@morningside.edu

Jacob Martin.jpg

Jacob Martin

Freshman Representative

Jacob attended Logan-Magnolia in Logan, IA. Jacob is double majoring in political science/history and double minoring in sustainability studies/music. Jacob is active in student gov, choir, band, and MCU. If you need to get ahold of Senator Martin, please email him at jdm019@morningside.edu

Sophomore Representatives

 Chandler Todd.jpeg

Chandler Todd

Sophomore Representative

If you need to get ahold of Senator Todd, please email him at cmt010@morningside.edu

Caleb Lubbers.jpg

Caleb Lubbers

Sophomore Representative

Caleb Lubbers is a sophomore Political Science and Mass Communications double major. Caleb served on the Morningside Student Government last year as both a freshman and junior representative. He is the Student Station Manager of KMSC, the campus radio station, and the Vice President of the Morningside University Republicans. In his free time, Caleb enjoys hangings out with his friends, officiating sports, and listening to music If you need to get ahold of Senator Lubbers, please email him at cjl010@morningside.edu

Camrie Headshot.jpeg

Camrie Miranda

Camrie Miranda is a Political Science and English double major with a minor in General Psychology. She has served as a senator for her freshman and sophomore years. Camrie is also the Diversity student representative and is involved all around campus. She is the Active Minds Co-president, the DOT president, a member of MCU, the campus choirs, and is involved in a few of the student honor groups on campus. She enjoys speaking for students and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard on the campus. In her free time, you can usually see her speaking with her friends around campus, meeting new people, and trying new things. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Senator Miranda via email at cnm004@morningside.edu

Sophomore Representative

Amber Westerberg.jpg

Amber Westerberg

Sophomore Representative

Amber is majoring in Political Science with a minor in spanish. Amber is a member of the women's swim team. Amber is also involved in MCU, MUR, and Pre-Law club.  If you need to get ahold of Senator Westerberg, please email her at anw005@morningside.edu

Junior Representatives

Garrett anderson.jpg

Garrett Anderson

Junior Representative

If you need to get ahold of Senator Anderson, please email him at gla002@morningside.edu

Maggie headshot.jpg

Maggie Barten

Junior Representative

Maggie is Majoring in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. Aside from Student Government, Maggie is also involved in Morningside Student Nursing Association and Residence Life. Maggie joined Student Government to be a voice for students who don't feel heard. If you need to get ahold of Senator Barten, please email her at mcb009@morningside.edu

Alex Freeman.JPG

Alex Freeman

Junior Representative

Alex Freeman is a Junior Political Science and Business Administration double major. Alex has served on Morningside Student Government as a senator and member of the finance committee for 1 year. He is the President of the Morningside Civic Union, Secretary of the Morningside Student Ad Agency, and is a fellow of the Col. Bud Day Center for Civic Engagement. Alex enjoys connecting with students and helping them find a passion in politics and civic engagement. Alex also loves listening to people talk, so if you ever want to hold a conversation do not hesitate to reach out.
 If you need to get ahold of Senator Freeman, please email him at anf004@morningside.edu

Riley Salzman.jpg

Riley Salzman

Junior Representative

Riley is a Junior Nursing Major with a Spanish Minor. Riley grew up in Sioux Falls, SD. In addition to being a junior representative in the senate, Riley is also a Resident Assistant in Dimmitt Hall, sings tenor in the Morningside Choir, and an active member of the Morningside Student Nurses Association (MSNA) and Spanish Club. Riley loves listening to music and enjoys a wide variety of artists and genres. If you need to get ahold of Senator Salzman, please email him at rjs011@morningside.edu

Senior Representatives

Tristan Headshot.jpg

Tristen Arrick 

Senior Representative

Tristan is a senior from Council Bluffs Iowa. Tristan is majoring in Science Education and Secondary Education. If you need to get ahold of Senator Arrick, please email him at tja004@morningside.edu

Sharon Headshot.jpg

Sharon Bassette

Senior Representative

Sharon a senior senator graduating in May of 2022. Sharon is  studying political science with minors in legal studies and psychology. Sharon plans on enrolling in a joint J.D. / M.A. program next fall. Sharon is also involved in MCU, Colonel Bud Day center, and Mustang Cheerleading. If you need to get ahold of Senator Bassette please email her at srb011@morningside.edu

Sam Peterson.jpg

Sam Peterson

Senior Representative

Sam is a political science and business double major and legal studies minor from Sioux Falls, SD. In addition to Student Government, Sam participates in Morningside Civic Union, is a Col Bud Day Research Fellow and is the President of Pre-Law Club.  Sam likes to read , listen to Hardcore History by Dan Carlin and explore.  If you need to get ahold of Senator Peterson, please email him at sjp007@morningside.edu


Looking for other ways to make a difference?


Executive Team


Garrett is a Junior majoring in political science with a minor in Legal Studies.

A fun fact about Garrett is that he has seen over 10 artists live in concert, ask him about them!

Garrett can be reached at gja001@morningside.edu.

Garrett Arbuckle
Marissa Hernandez
Vice President

Marissa is a senior majoring in Biology and Chemistry.


A fun fact about Marissa is that she can quote a soliloquy from Julius Cesar by memory.

Marissa can be reached at meh012@morningside.edu.

Emma Head Shot_edited.jpg
Emma Hannach
Vice President of Student Life

Emma is a Junior majoring in Social and Behavioral Science and Non-Profit Management with a minor in World History.

A fun fact about Emma is that a trait she inherited from her hometown is that she is secretly a hick. 

Emma can be reached at emh013@morningside.edu

Collin Head Shot_edited.jpg
Collin Adank
Director of Communications

Collin is a junior majoring in Nurisng with a minor in Business Administration.

A fun fact about Collin is that he enjoys traveling.


Collin can be reached at cra002@morningside.edu.

Matt Head Shot_edited.jpg

Matthew is a junior double majoring Business Administration and International Affairs.

A fun fact about Matthew is that he loves jokes. He would enjoy hearing your favorite joke when you see him around.

Matt can be reached at mjh020@morningside.edu.

Matthew Hanner
Hannah Head Shot.JPG
Hannah Capps

Hannah is a senior Political Science major with a minor in Legal Studies. 


A fun fact about Hannah is that she is from California. 

Hannah can be reached at hlc006@morningside.edu.

dani headshot.PNG


Danielle Fennessy  

Danielle graduated from Benedictine College with a bachelor in Business Management. Danielle studied abroad in Switzerland and was able to travel to 11 other countries during the semester.  She has been at Morningside University for one year and has loved getting to watch students become leaders on Mside's campus. Danielle can be contacted by email at fennessyd@morningside.edu.



Student Government Constituion