Remaining Allocation Balance: $12,141.30

Student Government works to support the work of Morningside Organization through various avenues, including financial assistance.


The Student Government Allocation Fund is a financial resource available to those seeking to create a college-wide impact through campus improvement projects, social events, educational causes, and educational conferences. It is the purpose of the Allocation Fund to be used in a way that promotes the interests of the student body and ensures that the needs of Morningside students are met. 


All new and current groups registered with Student Government are eligible to apply for up to $5,000 in allocation money.  This funding can be utilized for various group events, conference fees, activities on campus, and more.  

For questions or more information regarding allocations, please contact Treasurer Matt Hanner at

Allocation Process


Check out this video for a walkthrough of the allocation process or read through the allocation process below!

1. Ensure that your student organization is registered with the Student Government organization.

2. Complete the Allocation Request Form via the link above.  This form will collect the email addresses of the group President, the student contact for the organization (typically the Treasurer of your organization), and the group advisor.  

3. Upon completion of the Allocation Request Form, an Adobe Sign link will be sent to the email addresses provided in the previous form.  Students and advisors do not need the Adobe computer program in order to complete this form.  The president of the organization will receive this form first and must complete all fields denoted by a red asterisk. 

  • This portion of the form does require detailed financial information regarding the group and the allocation request.  It is highly suggested that the President and Student Contact complete this portion of the form together.  

4. Following the completion of the form, the President will be asked to submit a virtual signature verifying the information on the page.  Adobe Sign will then automatically send the form to the Student Contact for their virtual signature.  Finally, Adobe Sign will send the form to the group's advisor for review and signature.  


5. Once the Adobe form has been completed and signed by all necessary parties, the Student Government Finance Committee will review the request for any errors.  The committee may reject the form if fields are not completed or do not provide accurate information.


6. Requests accepted by the Finance Committee will then be moved to the Senate for approval.  Student groups will be notified via email if their allocation request has been moved to the Senate and the date in which their proposal will be heard.   At least one member of the student group will need to be present at the Senate approval meeting to provide basic information on the proposed allocation and answer any questions.


7. Allocation requests receiving a majority vote by the Senate will be approved and the group will receive an Interdepartmental Transfer form.  This form must be completed within two weeks of the allocation approval and returned to the desk of Matt Hanner.  


8.  Following the use of allocation funds, student groups must return all unused funds to Student Government via Interdepartmental Transfer.  An allocation follow-up form must be completed all receipts of the event must be collected and submitted via email to Matt Hanner at within 2 weeks of the event.  

Guidelines for Allocation Requests

  • All organizations/individuals must follow up on their allocated funds by reporting back to the Budget Committee, including turning in receipts, to ensure that the money allocated was spent appropriately. All excess money allocated will be returned to the Student Government.

  • Groups presenting for Morningside Student Government allocations must turn in a request for monetary allocations prior to a Budget Committee meeting. If the allocations are approved through the Budget Committee, the group/individual may present at the following Senate meeting. 

  • Any group of 2 or more students requesting funds for an overnight event must have a faculty/staff member as a chaperone. 

  • Groups/individuals cannot request monetary allocations from the Student Government for fundraising efforts.

  • All allocation requests and follow-up forms must be endorsed by both a student and the organization’s faculty or staff adviser.


Additional information regarding Allocation Request Guidelines can be found in the Student Government Bylaws.  

Senate Presentation

During their presentation to the Senate, student groups are often asked a variety of questions regarding their organization and the event the allocation is being requested for.  Below is a list of commonly asked questions by the Senate which may be helpful when preparing for your group's allocation presentation.​

  • How does this allocation benefit our campus as a whole?

  • Can you provide specific breakdowns of your costs?

  • What is your mission statement?  How does this allocation further your group's mission statement?

  • Have you asked for assistance elsewhere, or fundraised to attend this event/conference/activity/etc.?

  • What you something new this event may help you bring to campus?

  • How many students are involved in your group?  How many students will this allocation impact?

Frequently Asked Questions