Current Groups

Current Groups

Current Groups

One of the major goals of the 2019-2020 Morningside Student Government team is to increase communication and resources with groups on campus.  We believe that groups play a powerful role in impacting student lives, therefore we want to commit our organization to providing the leadership and financial support necessary to help groups continue to make a difference.

For questions or more information regarding resources available to groups, please contact Director of Communications, Kali Hill, at

Group Registration

All new and current groups are required to register with Student Government in order to be considered an official student group.  Student groups must be registered before receiving Student Government allocations.  Additionally, all registered groups must adhere to the requirements set forth in the by-laws of the Student Government constitution as outlines in Chapter VI, Section 1. 


For the 2019-2020 school year, all existing groups must be registered by September 24th.  Those failing to complete the registration by this date will need to present and be approved by the Student Senate.  

Follow this link to register your group.


Yearly Checklist

Ready to take on a new year with your group but don't know where to start?  Take a peak at Morningside Student Government's to-do list for groups to build a solid base for your group.

Follow this link to view our yearly checklist.