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Become a Senator

Become an Executive

  • Executive Petition PDFs

    • Petitions launched in the Spring of each school year​

    • President, Vice President, Vice President of Student Life, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications​

  • Explanation of Executive Duties

  • Our Executive Team

Join a Community Committee

  • The goal of the Morningside Student Government Community Committee is to identify large scale problems the campus faces and propose solutions to said issues.  Students involved in the committees additionally provide the student senate with a diverse set of student opinions pertaining to diversity, campus safety and accessibility, sustainability, and food.  

  • Present Monthly to the Student Senate and at Town Hall events

  • Committees are led by an appointed senator and are composed of non-elected students (Apply Here)

  • Diversity, Safety & Accessibility, Sustainability, and Food Committees

Join Us
Vote with Us

Vote with Us

Senator Elections

  • Elections were held in the Fall of 2022.  Visit our News page to learn more about the Senators elected for the 2022-2023 school year.  

  • Vote via the absentee email link sent to all students or in person in the Olsen Student Center Lobby from 11am-1pm and 5-7pm on the days of elections. 

Executive Elections

  • Elections will occur in the Spring of 2023.  More specific dates will be announced in the spring.  

  • Vote via the email link sent to all students or in person in the Olsen Student Center Lobby during the election dates.

  • Check out our Facebook page to view campaign videos of executive candidates.  

Constitutional Amendments

  • Following a 2/3rds majority approval by the Senate, all amendments to the Student Government constitution must be ratified by a majority of the students voting in referendum in which at least two hundred (200) members of the Student Body participate.  

Talk to Us

Weekly Meetings

  • Student Government meetings are held every Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Student Government office.  All meetings are open to the public (although our door is closed to keep noise low, we do have an open door policy).  

  • Public Forum: Non-senator students are allowed to publicly voice their opinions during the public forum section of every meeting.

  • Group Presentations:  Student organizations are encouraged to voice the opinions of their members in reference to student concerns or suggestions.  Groups can sign up to present by following this link.  

Office Hours

  • Stop by the Student Government office Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10-11am or Tuesday and Thursday from 11am-12pm to meet with a Student Senator or a member of our Executive Team.  Busy during that time? Set up a meeting on our Contact Us page.

Suggestion Boxes

  • Follow this link to complete our online suggestion form

  • Prefer paper?  Our suggestion box can be found at the bottom of the main staircase in the Olsen Student Center.


  • Morningside Student Government is pleased to offer a vehicle for students to connect with campus staff and administration via Town-halls.  Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming Town-halls in order to express your concerns to students, student representatives, and administrators.  

Talk to Us
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